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NAVP indicates materials collected by the Nunda Area Veteran's Project

General History / Descriptions/ Stories

A Short History of Nunda

The NYS Law Creating the Town of Nunda, 1808

Historical Boundaries of Nunda NY

Nunda Memories - our new historical videos!

"Nunda Notables"- a "hall of fame" of local folks!

Descriptions of the Hamlets in the Keshequa Valley

The History of Tuscarora (Compiled by Doug Morgan)

Cemeteries in the Town of Nunda

Nunda Area Obituaries

Timeline of Nunda History

The Story of Byrnes Pharmacy

Nunda Knives: A Look at the Woodworth Knife Works

List of Veterans buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Nunda NY.

Rose Shave, Nunda Painter

Andrew J Russell, Nunda's Famous Photographer

The Barber House of Short Tract Road, Town of Portage

A Short History of the Willard House

The Story of the Paul Byrnes Archives Room

Sports in Nunda

Historical Images & Photographs (see note)

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Portraits from Nunda's Past (a collection of images of Nunda area Families)

(1 )Nunda Academy and School Houses circa 1900

(2) Nunda House Hotel, circa 1910

(3) Earliest View of the Village of Nunda, 1830's

(4) Nunda Academy Building 1870

(5) Dalton Baseball Team 1900?

(6) View of Athletic Fields, Nunda Central School, 1940's?

(7) 3 Views of the Centennial Celebration, 1908

(8) View of the Square from State Street, circa 1905

(9) Two Views of the Woodworth Knife Works early 1900's

(10) Nunda Soldier's Monument, Oakwood Cemetery, 1897

(11) Pennsylvania Rail Road Depot, circa 1910

(12) The Nunda Grist Mill, circa 1915

(13) View of Nunda's Business District circa 1960

(14) Northeast Corner of the Square, 1905

(15) Two Images of the Nunda High School Football Team circa 1930

(16) Nunda Boys Start for World War I NAVP

(17) Deep Cut School, circa 1915

(18) Foote Manufacturing Company

(19) Hunt Mail Carrier

(20) Nunda Band and Friends circa 1910

(21) Nunda's "New" High School 1904, 1910

(22) Early Images of Tuscarora NY 1900-1910

(23) "On the Road to Dalton" circa 1940

(24) The Union Block in the 1890's

(25) The Corner of East and Church Streets, circa 1910


(26) Two images of Carter Memorial Building, circa 1910 and 1930

(27) Southeast corner of East and State Street, circa 1870's

(28) Images of the "New" Nunda High School, 1940

(29) At work in the Foote Shop, early 1900's

(30) In the Square, 1930's

(31) In the Square, 1866

(32) Railroad Trestle across the Keshequa circa 1910

(33) Two Views of Oakwood Cemetery, 1870s & 1910s

(34) Pennsylvania RR Building in Oakland

(35) Two photos of Boy Scout Troop 77 - 1930 & 1951

(36) Nunda Central Schools First Buses 1940

(37) Kendall Station of State Street, 1940s

(38) Views up State Street from Square and Post Office- circa 1910

(39) Nunda High School Soccer Team 1952-53

There are many more photographs on display at the Nunda Historical Society Building.

Go to the photo index page organized by topic

Primary and Secondary Sources (see note)

First Town Meeting 1809

The First School Meeting in Nunda, 1822

Description of Nunda 1824

A Report of the Trustees for Nunda Common School District, 1828

Earliest Map of Nunda Village 1830

Fourth of July, 1838

A Glimpse at Nunda in 1842

The Great Fire of 1852

1852 Map of the Village of Nunda

List of Students and Parents at District #5 (Barkertown School) 1854

1858 Map of the Town of Nunda

1858 Map of the Village of Nunda

List of Freemasons in Nunda 1852-1864

Civil War Letters of James Randall NAVP

Roster of the GAR Post, Portage NY NAVP

List of Veterans buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Nunda NY.

Cost of a Common School, 1870

1872 Map of the Village of Nunda

1872 Map of the Town of Nunda

1872 Map of Nunda Station (Dalton)

1872 Map of Oakland (Town of Portage)

"The New Era" Nunda Station (Dalton) Newspaper December 1880

A Visit to the Woodworth Knife Works 1888

Description of the "new" DePuy Home on Massachusetts Str, 1903

List of subscribers of the Nunda Telephone Company, 1905

List of Nunda Men who went to WWI by June 1917NAVP

Map of Nunda School Districts

1927 Rochester Telephone Directory for Dalton & Nunda

1938 Rochester Telephone Directory for Dalton & Nunda

Rules from the Nunda "Courtesy Campaign" 1940

List of Nunda Area VeteransNAVP

Holidays in the Nunda Area, Then and Now (Photographs and Lesson Plans)

Other Historical Resources

Family Trees in the Nunda Historical Society's Collections

Population Data on the Town and Village of Nunda

Nunda Area Veteran's Project Data Page

Timeline of Nunda History

How to access records of the Nunda area Presbyterian Churches

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