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The following is taken from the Nunda News of February 18th, 1905 and provides a glimpse of some of the residents of the area that year. At the time there were two other telephone companies in the area, the Business Men's Telephone Company of Nunda and the Livingston Rural Telephone Company of Dalton. The Tuscarora Telephone Company came to Nunda in 1912.

The surnames found in the list include: Abrams, Allen, Ames, Andrus, Austin, Baker, Balty, Barager, Barber, Barker, Barron, Baylor, Beardsley, Belden, Bennett, Bevier, Brogan, Brooks, Brown, Campbell, Carr, Carrick, Carroll, Chasey, Chilson, Chittenden, Clapper, Craig, Crapsey, Cree, Crosier, Cudebec, Dake, DeMocker, DePuy, Dickens, Dowling, Downs, Dygert, Fields, Framingham, Gardner, Gillette, Goldsmith, Goldthwaite, Graves, Grimes & Walker, Gould, Gurnee, Haines, Higgins, Hinkley, Hooker, Hovey, Howe, Hunt, Hussey, Jellerson, Jones, Joyce, Kellogg, Kent, Kernahan, Keyes, Kittleberger, Knibloe, Koppie, LeClair, Levee, Lehman, Lippincott, Loomis, Lovell, Lyons, MacArthur, MacMaster, McNeil, Makeley, Meyer, Morris, Mosier, Musson, Neal, Nelson, Neu, Northway, Norton, Olin, Olney, Osgoodby, Ostrander, Page, Paine, Parker, Patridge, Peck, Powell, Pratt, Rathbun, Rae, Reed, Rhinevault, Ricketts, Roberts, Robinson, Rowan, Sanders, Sanford, Schneider, Slaight, Slater, Smith, Spencer, Stanton, Thompson, Tubbs, Tuttle, VanDeventer, VanDusen, Wagoner, Walker, Wallace, White, Wilcox, Willard, Willett, Williams, Wilner, Woodworth, Wyant. The spelling is as it appears in the list.

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