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Veterans buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Nunda NY

 The following is an alphabetical list of veterans buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Nunda, Livingston County, New York. The list was complied from a survey done by students from Keshequa Central School and members of the Friends of Nunda Cemeteries between 2006 and 2009. A list of participants is found at the bottom of the page.


The veterans listing consists of the following:

Surname, Given name, cemetery section, followed by materials gathered from the gravestones. Added information not found on the stone, with the exception of the status of veterans markers, is in italics. The source code is found at the end of the entry.


(1) Gravestone transcription, Oakwood Cemetery
(2) Hand's Centennial History of Nunda
(3) Bob Columbo
(4) Information Provided by Family Members

Additions and corrections are welcome, please send them to

LAST UPDATE 28 November 2022


Alday, Henry C 7 Dec 1900 Vet has marker, Post 417 GAR, 58 Regt. NY volunteers Co G. (1)
Alward, Wm OC2 1821-1883 Vet has marker, Lt. Col 58th NY, Vol (1)
Andrews, Paul G 1910-1966 vet has marker (1)
Barkley, Edward H. K 1930-1986, PFC US Army, Korea, vet has marker (1)
Andrews, Seth G 1835-1914 vet has marker, Co. D 143 PA. Inf. (1)
Andrus, Daniel Revolutionary War Plot, 1753-1847, 7 NY Regt, Albany County Militia memorial marker dedicated 7/4/2008
Aylor, Jacob I Jan 27 1840-Aug. 14 1895 vet has marker (1)
Backes, Richard H K 1931-2004, vet has marker (1)
Bacon, Gardner OC1 vet has marker Co. F 33 D NY first casualty of the Civil War in Nunda (1)
Bates, Benjamin A 1888-1969 vet has marker (1)
Baylor, William B Died March 20, 1872 (?) vet has marker (1)
Beardsley, George B 1920-1978 vet has marker, CPI US Army (1)
Bennett, Phillip L. K WWII Oct 22, 1928-Sept 8, 1986 F2 US Navy, vet gas marker (1)
Bennett, Warren C 1863-19(?) no marker (1)
Bergen, R. Kelsey F 1843-1922 vet has marker (1)
Black, William G 1830-1864 vet has marker, Killed in Battle of Wilderness, buried on the field (1)
Blood, Chester A K WWII 1911-1971 et has marker (1)
Boyd, Burrell J K 1937-1988 vet has marker (1)
Booth, Charles H A Oct 8, 1923- Jan 22, 1990 vet has marker (1)
Bowles, Richard K 1932-1999 no marker
Brady, William H G 1847-1913 vet has marker, Co. F 28 Regt. NYV, Co. D 29 Regt. MEV (1)
Brooks, Micah OC 2 1775-1857 vet has marker (1)
Burdick, Ezra
D D. Oct 5 1901 vet has marker, Co. E 188 NY Vol. (1)
Burge, William G 1844-1916 vet has marker, C.O G 168 NY Inf. (1)
Bush, Edwin
G D. May 21, 1904 vet has marker, Co. A 104 NY (1)
Cain, Alfred OC2 vet has marker, American legion (1)
Campbell, George B D 1866-1935 vet has marker, Lt Col. (1)
Campbell, G.J. D 1833-1906 vet has marker, Lt (1)
Carpenter, Martin OC2 Vet has marker Civil War, (1)
Carlin, Dale B K 1935-2006 Korea, Pvt US Marine vet has marker (1)
Calkins, James R. K 1947-2012, Sgt in Big Red One, Vietnam 1965-1971, vet has marker (4)
Carroll, James G 1842-1904 vet has marker, company J 2DC (1)
Carroll, Terrance C 1855-1927 vet has marker, Post 417 GAR (1)
Chandler, Rufus, OC2 1821-1863, 4th NY Heavy Artillery, Died in General Hospital, Washington DC, has marker, (1)
Chasey, LLoyd K 1897-1977 WWI vet has marker (1)
Chizlett , William G I D. Jan, 1863 vet has marker Enlisted from Nunda, at Geneseo, mustered in as private, Co. A 104th NY on Oct 12 1861, wounded   in action Aug 30, 1862, at Manassas and Dec 13, 1862, at Fredericksburg, Va, died of wounds Jan 17, 1863 (Hand p 515) (1)
Chizlett, Fred I 1892-1977 vet has marker, CPL US Army (1)
Clapp, Horatio G 1845-1900 vet has marker (1)
Clarke, Kenneth E 1930-1907, Korea, US Army vet has marker (1)
Clause, Arthur A D vet has marker, Co. B 31 ENGR BH (1) (?)
Clemens. Harold S K 1896-1975, S2 US Navy WWI vet has marker (1)
Close, Leonard H 1911-1966 vet has marker (1)
Close, Wm D 1840-1900 vet has marker, company (1)
Close, William M J Aug 28, 1904-Dec 27, 1968, vet has marker, Pvt US Army Air Force WWII (1)
Coffin, Rob G K 1932-1970 Korea, vet has marker (1)
Coffin, Walter G K 1892-1954 vet has marker (1)
Cook, Orrin H. G 1840-1909 vet has marker (1)
Cosnett, William B 1837-1863 vet has marker, killed in battle at Fredericksburg (1)
Craig, Alfred J. C 1855-1927 vet has marker, marker says 61-65 (1)
Craig, Frank A. C 1836-1917 vet has marker (1)
Craig, William C 1838-1925 vet has marker (1)
Creveling, Allison B K 1895-1962 WWI US Navy vet has marker (1)
Creveling, Burdette A K 1893-1962 vet has marker (1)
Creveling ,Charles OC1 1918-1993 no marker, U.S. Coast Guard, WW II (1)
Critzburg, Carroll E K WWII 1916-1990 Sgt US Army et has marker (1)
Cushing, Frank E. D 1871-1928 vet has marker, Spanish war (1)
Dalrymple, Paul G vet has marker, 104th NY (1)
Deaton, Lewis G K WWI 1896-1961 Private Co H 18th Inf, vet has marker (1)
Demery, Warren 3 1841-1905 vet has marker, Co. F 141 NY Vol. (1)
Democker, William OC1 1845-1924 vet has marker, Co. A 104 Reg. NY 5.V.1 (1)
Democker, Peter OC1 D. 1890 vet has marker (1)
DePuy, Brewster L. K 1923-2012, WWII, US Navy, vet has marker,
Depuy, Earl K 1895-1987 vet has marker
DePuy, Ivan G. C 12 Jan. 1886- 22Oct. 1916 vet has marker, American Legion (1)
DeVinney, Wesley R. K 1934-1984 US Army (4)
Dolan, Leo E J 1896-1950 vet has marker (1)
Domras, Max I 1916-1986 vet has marker (1)
Donahue, Edward T K WWI 1894-1957 Corporal Co C 108th Inf vet has marker (1)
Doty, Adelbert J IV K 1937-1998 Air Force (1)
Doyle, Robert C J 31 Jan 1892- 10 Dec 1967 AS US Navy E3 OLC WW I (1)
Duryea, Captain James A. D 1891-1934 vet has marker, Navy in WW I (1)
Duryea, J.C. C D. Nov. 1891 vet has marker (1)
Duryea, John C. C 12 May 1915-11 Feb. 1999 vet has marker, PFC US army (1)
Duryea, Ken K 1919-2000, et has marker (1)
Duryea, Schuyler V. D 1845-1875 vet has marker, Co. F. 33rd Vol. Inf, Co. D. 1st Vet. Cav (1)
Duryea, Scuyler I D. 1875 no marker, 36th NY Inf. (1) *
Earl, Charles OC1 1886-1942 vet has marker, FCL (?) (1)
Eaton, Lewis G. K 1886-1967 (?), WWI, 18th PA, vet has marker (1)
Edwards, Kenneth C. OC2 1911-1969 vet has marker (1)
Emmons, J. OC2 1840-1895 vet has marker, JS service (1)
Essler, Ward "Jomo" C 1919-3 Oct. 1989 vet has marker, GApr (?), Private US Army (1)
Farrell, John D K WWI 1887-1952 vet has marker (1)
Favo, Michael D J 4 Apr 1931 ­ 1 Mar 1998 vet has marker, Korea, Pvt US Army (1)
Finnemore, James D 1859-1942 vet has marker (1)
Fitzgerald, Sarah H 1874-1913 vet has marker (1)
Foster, Ray K K 1919-1989 Army, vet has marker (1)
Fox, Margaret D 1886-1960 vet has marker, Ladies Aux. (1)
Freeman, Harry A. A 1875-1944 vet has marker (1)
Fritz, Victor E. K WWI 1895-1952vet has marker (1)
Frost, Austin, M K WW1, 1897-1971 Pvt, US Army,vet has marker (1)
Fuller, Henry I March 10, 1875- 32 (?) no marker, Vol. Co. F 33 (1)
Galbraith, Charles K 1925-1999 Pvt US Army, no marker (1)
Galton, Albert B 1879-1962 no marker (1)
Gardner, Paul B 1901-1994 vet has marker (1)
Gath, Roy W J 11917-1992 Pvt US Army Air Corp WWII vet has marker (1)
Gay, Richard H 1844-1903 former slave who came North with 1st NY Dragoons vet has marker (1)
Gearhart, George A G 1845-1926 vet has marker, 1862-1865(yrs in service) Corporal 1 NY Drag Co 1 (1)
Gilmore, James OC2 vet has marker, G.A. R. (1)
Goldthwait, N.C. G 1837-1886 no marker (1)
Goll, Lawrence C K 1921-2008, et has marker (1)
Godfrey, Ray E K 1923-1980, WWII, vet has marker (1)
Gould, William Deake, Revolutionary War Plot, 1754-1844, 16th Regt, Albany County Militia, memorial marker dedicated 7/4/2008
Granger. Cassius C, OC1, Died 5/30/1912, Co B 2NY Mounted Rifles, vet has no marker. (3)
Green, Husted C 1836-1920 vet has marker, 97 NY volunteers (1)
Greenfield, Robert Henry B 1838-1912, vet has marker, 1st NY Dragoons.
Grosse, Grover D 1895-1986 vet has marker (1)
Gurnee, John G 1842-1917 vet has marker (1)
Hagadorn, James OC1 vet has marker (1)
Hagadorn, John OC1 vet has marker (1)
Hamilton, Charles B. B 1835-1910 Vet has marker, NY Vol. (1)
Hamilton, Daniel, RevolutionaryWar Plot, Continental Line, 1761-1852, memorial marker dedicated 7/4/2008
Hand, Henry I 1838-1914 vet has marker (1)
Hand, John W. G 1836-1914 vet has marker, Capt. 136 Reg. NY Vol. (1)
Hark, Frederick F 1895-1933 vet has marker (1)
Hark, Walter F 1882-1941 vet has marker (1)
Harrington, Donald M. J 28 July 1917 ­ 27 May 1964 1st Lt Army Air Force WWII DFC AM vet has marker (1)
Harris Chris, H. OC3 1831-1864 vet has marker, Cr. H. 157h NY Vol. (1)
Havens, Williams A 1858-1924 vet has marker (1)
Haynes, Perry OC1 1839-1864 vet has marker, Co. A 104 NYI (1)
Henry, Thomas OC1 D. Sep. 24 1918 vet has marker (1)
Holly, Louis J. C 1845-1924 vet has marker, CoJ, 1st NY Calvary (?)(1)
Holmes, Jack OC2 1915-2001 vet has marker (1)
Holmes, William F 1845-1933, Company E, 1st NY Dragoons vet has marker (1)
Hooker, Eli G 1828-1907 vet has marker, Company E84NY (1)
Hopkins, Willard E 1926-1998 Korea, AIC US Air Force vet has marker (1)
Hughes (?) D vet has marker (1)
Hughes, John F J 1894-1925, WWI vet has marker (1)
Husong, Lewis C. D vet has marker, CO E (1)
Jackson, Pascal T. G61 1847-1937, Co I 1st NY Dragoons (1) (2)
Johnson, Benjamin J. G24 1830-1916, CW, Companies E & A 83rd Penn Volunteer Inf. Vet has marker (1)
Kennedy, Ron, 1939-1978, SP4, vet has marker (1)
Kernahan, William L K WWII 1917-1977, vet has marker (1)
Keysaw, Burdette D 1914-1985 vet has marker (1)
King, Eli OC3 1839-1908 vet has marker, Co. I 1 NY Dragoons (1)
King, Henry OC2 1835-1920 vet has marker, 1st Lt. Co. F 33rd NY VI (1)
Knappenbarg, William F 1890-1916 vet has marker (1)
Knight, Needham G D. 1870 vet has marker(1)
Leclair, Calvin H 1846-1929 vet has marker (1)
Lemen, James H June 10 1815-Aug. 23, 1890 vet has marker, Lt. col. 1st NY Dragoons (1)
Lockwood, Frank B 1833-1907 vet has marker (1)
Lockwood, Lewis B 1871-1922 vet has marker (1)
Long, Harold "Bud"K 1921-2022 WWII vet(4)
Long, James A K WWII 1919-2003 vet has marker (1)
Lippincott, Paul/Gretchen I 1898-1925/1899-1987 vet has marker (1)
Lowery, Joseph C 1846-1919 vet has marker, Co. F 21st NY Calvary, Post 417 GAR (1)
Macken, Thomas G vet has marker, VFD, 1st NY Drag. (1)
MacMaster, Beulah A J 4 Oct 1906 ­ 12 Nov 1995 Tec 4 US Army WWII vet has marker (1)
Mann, Carl E Jr. K 1917-2006, Capt US Army WWII vet has marker (1)
Mann, Everett Porter K 1920-1992 US Navy vet has marker (1)
MacMaster, Kenneth J 18 Dec 1904 ­ 19 Oct 1993 Tec 5 US Army WWII vet has marker (1)
Mann, John P J 7 Jan 1927 ­ 11 July 1995 Pvt US Army vet has marker (1)
Mason, Joseph OC1 vet has marker (1)
Matthews, Peter OC1 Feb. 8, 1922- Feb 20, 1999 vet has marker, WWII and Korean (1)
McCall, Robert D L 1932-2004, A1C US Air Force, vet has marker (1)
McDonald, James J. G 1873-1908 vet has marker, USN (1)
McMillen, Andrew OC2 1815-1898 vet has marker (1)
McTarnagan, Gordon K 1923-1957 vet has marker (1)
McTarnaghan, Thomas A 1926-1977 vet has marker, CPL US Army (1)
Merithew, Hiram G D. Jan 7 1904 vet has marker, Co. B 64 NY Vol. (1)
Milgate, Evelyn OC1 1908-1966 vet has marker, lady Aux. (1)
Miller, Fred K 1893-1968 vet has marker (1)
Miller, George K. D Aug 28 1888-Oct. 14 1959 vet has marker, NY cmz US Navy (1)
Milliman, Herbert A 1893-1923 vet has marker (1)
Miner, Elkin OC1 vet has marker (1)
Moore, George I vet has marker (1)
Moore, James G 1844-1918 vet has marker, Co. 1. 12 Regt. Kansas Vol. Inf (1)
Morris, Edward D Feb.1891- Sept. 1970 WWI vet has marker, Army Sgt. (1)
Muntz, William Frank K 1899-1988, vet has American Legion marker. (1)
Nash, Joseph D Co. E 58th NY vet has marker (1)
Newville, Robert O. B Aug. 25 1932- June, 1997 vet has marker, 2 markers, purple heart (1)
O'Connell, Daniel D 1899-1942 vet has marker, cross symbol (1)
Northway, Franklin A C34 1836-1917, 2nd Lieutenant, Co F 136 NYVI, vet has marker (4)
Osajca, John Edward K 1917-2010, WWII 53rd Medical Battalion, Purple Heart, vet has marker.
Osborne, Harry C. J 1887-1937 Corp WWI vet has marker (1)
Paine, Judson R K1939 1972 vet has marker (1)
Patridge, William E. H vet has marker, 1st NY Dragoons (1)
Payne, John B I Died March 6, 1870 vet has marker, 33rd NY Inf. (1)
Peck, Harrison C 1840-1925 vet has marker (1)
Pratt, David B 1823-1873 vet has marker (1)
Preston, Warren I 1839-1918 , Co F 33rd NY, vet has marker (1)
Powell, Harry, R(?) B 1890-1924 WWI vet has marker (1)
Powell, Leo L K WWII 1908-1985 et has marker (1)
Provo, John B 1890-1926 vet has marker (1)
Rahn, Leroy K 1889-1991 Crp US Army vet has marker (1)
Rathbun, Adrian G 1847-1925 vet has marker (1)
Rathbun, Edward D. C 1886-1922 vet has marker, American Legion (1)
Rathbun, Elmer A 1910-1979 vet has marker (1)
Reckard, Orman G1829-1896 vet has marker, Co E 33rd NY (1)
Redmond, Ross W. C 1878-1922 vet has marker (1)
Retzer, Clyde J L 1935-2002 TSGT US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam vet has marker (1)
Roach, Donald L k 1932-2002 vet has marker (1)
Roberts, Henry H 1840-1918 vet has marker, Co. E 58th N.G. (1)
Roberts, Peter B 1834-1919 vet has marker (1)
Robinson, Denton G 1892-1960 vet has marker (1)
Robinson, Ralph OC2 1891-1921. Grave is not marked.
Robinson, Rufus OC3 1817-1895 vet has marker, Drum Maj. 58th NY Vol. (1
Roby, Russell, K 1919-2006 Tec 4 US Army, World War II (1)
Rude, Emerson B D. 1864 vet has marker (1)
Ryan, Lawrence P K 1917-1988 vet has marker (1)
Sanders, Chauncey I 1837-1919 vet has marker, founder of Nunda News (1)
Schumaker, Robert K 1916-1982 vet has marker (1)
Scott, Charles OC1 1887-1955 vet has marker (1)
Scott, Edward K 1892-1969 Sgt, Co N 140th Infantry vet has marker (1)
Shattuck, Elmer I 1893-1976 vet has marker (1)
Shaw, John H. C vet has marker, Co I, 129th Regt. Conn. V. (1)
Sherman, Willard C 1839-1911 vet has marker (1)
Skellinger, Andrew OC2 1840-1895 vet has marker, 130th NY (1)
Skinner, Lewis G 1834-1904 vet has marker (1)
Smith, Christian G or I 1828-1883 vet has marker (1)
Smith, Henry G no marker Co. F. 33 NY V. (1)
Smith, John B 1837-1918 vet has marker, Co. D. 1st. NY Cav. (1)
Smith, Kenneth K 1919-1969 CPL US Amry vet has marker (1)
Smith, William G vet has marker, Co. A. 104th Vol. Inf. (1)
Snyder, George W. B Died Aug 27 1888 vet has marker, Co. A 104th NY (1)
Snyder, Scott B. C 1958-1983 vet has marker, sr. US Navy (1)
Somers, William F. OC3 1898-1918 vet ha marker, U.S.N. (1)
Spencer, Clayton N J 11 March 1933-21 Sept 1994 Pvt US Army, Korea, vet has marker (1)
Stevens, James A K 1946-2006, Vietnam, SP4 US Army vet has marker (1)
Stocking, William G D. March 11 1903 vet has marker, CO H 94 NY vol. (1)
Stone (?) Albert James Jr. C 1900-1962 vet has marker (1)
Stroud, William I 1847-1929 vet has marker (1)
Takach, Joseph J 19 Jan 1917 ­ 15 Feb 1960 Ens US Coast Guard vet has marker (1)
Talmadge (Tallmadge), Samuel OC1 D. 1864 vet has marker (1)
Thomas, Harry I 1891-1965 vet has a marker (1)
Toms, James L. F 1835-1919 vet has marker (1)
Townsend, John H. 1793-1880 vet has marker (1)
Traynor, James B 1888-1926 vet has marker (1)
Tucker, John R K 1935-2003, US Army, Korean War, vet has marker.
Tunningley, Charles C K 1925-1974, WWII, vet has marker (1)
Tunningley, Norman G 1923-1986 vet has marker, S1 US Navy (1)
Tuthill, Edwin G 1834-1904 vet has marker (1)
Twist, Clarence M. Next to West Street 1882-1975 vet has marker (1)
Twist, John M. Next to West Street 1920-1987 vet has marker, s SGT US army (1)
Twist, Newell Next to West Road 1923-1999 vet has marker, LTJG US Navy (1)
Vanbuskirk, John B 1883-1943 vet has marker (1)
Vanbuskirk, Clarence B July 3 1888- Feb 18, 1965 vet has marker (1)
Veley, Earl S K 1910-1984 WWII Tec S US Army vet has marker (1)
Walker, Loren C. C 11 Feb. 1922- 11 Sept. 1994 vet has marker (1)
Walker, Robert D by toolhouse 1911-1989 vet has marker (1)
Walker, Robert Jack K WWII 1923-1987 et has marker (1)
Walsworth, Walter J. K 1912-1990 TEC S US Army WWIIvet has marker (1)
Woodworth, Chas R. D 1831-1903 no marker, symbol/company (1)
Warford, Stacy H 1824-1907 vet has marker (1)
Watson, Paul D K 1934-2003 GS2 US Navy et has marker (1)
Waver, Charles OC1 1810-1880 vet has marker, 33rd NY Vol. Inf. (1)
Weir, Jordan K K 1924-1995 vet has marker (1)
Weir, Robert E, Jr. K1927-2014, US Army 1945-47, vet has marker.
Wheeler, Augusta OC1 1823-1905 vet has marker (1)
White, George OC2 Born 1839 vet has marker (1)
Whipple, Fred C. A 1858-1920 vet has marker (1)
Wilcox, Edwin G 1809-1879 vet has marker, Reg. Company A14 (1)
Willard, Dana O. C 1915-1983 vet has marker, US Army WWII,American Legion (1)
Wiseman, Daniel R. K WWI 1894-1971 PVT US Army WWI vet has marker (1)
Wiseman, Mark K 1944-1999 Vietnam PVT US Army (1)
Willetts, Fred G vet has marker, 2 NY M Rifles (1)
Wood, Captain John P. C died 1864 (1)
Woodworth, Walter A 1908-1981 vet has marker, PVT US Army (1)
Wright, Frank F 1890-1916 vet has marker (1)
Wyant, William R. OC 2 1895-1967 vet has marker (1)

The following listings on the field survey sheets are incomplete or under question and will be either removed or added to the list as required:

William J. 1 vet has marker (1)
W. Alfred 1 Jan. 1828-Mar. 1894 vet has marker (1)
Isaac (?) 3 vet has marker, Co. 19th NY Cav. (1)
W. Emily I D. Dec. 10 1910 vet has marker widow of George W. Moore (1)

 The following people took part in the collection of the material: The Gordinier Family, Rory Kennedy, Joseph Maddalena, Dominic Flint, Crysta Giles, Alicia Halpenny, Sydney Sullivan, Emily Gibson, Nate Spencer, Adele Zeh, Eric Howard, Kayla Beardsley, Brittany Pawlawski, Laurie Rich, Dustin Rook,. Ashley Green, Brittany Willey, Meghan Brooker, Ashley Cassidy, Erin Pattridge, Lindsay Gunn, Bob Columbo, Chauna Savastano, Alex Simone, Victoria Coon, Blaith Donovan, Kristen Jackson, Michelle Hand, Atticus Kiser, Jessica Steidle, Steven Schiano, Zachary Mehlenbacher, Elaine Morgan and Tom Cook.

Special thanks to Lindsay Gunn who typed the original list.

Additions and corrections are welcome, please send them to



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