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A Timeline of Nunda History


The timeline below consists of over one hundred events that helped shape the Nunda area. This list, of course, is not complete. Visitors are encouraged to send in additions and corrections. Please include the source of your information!

Sources Used (see bibliography for complete information)

(Early Years)- Early Years by Marjorie Frost

(News) -From the Indian to the Airplane" by Marjorie Frost

Year Month/Day Event Notes Source
1797 Treaty of Big Tree clears Seneca title to land many Senecas in Keshequa Valley moved to Caneadea News p 1
1803 Phineas Bates and Bela Elderkin arrive Squatters- headed west after new settlers came Early Years p 9
1808 11 March Town of Nunda organized Included 8 present day towns 12 x 24 miles News p 1
1811 Phineas Bates cuts first road in Town goes from Sparta to the Keshequa Trail News p 2
1816 42 Male residents listed in Town Nunda still part of Greater Nunda News p 3
1817 17 March James A Paine arrives in Nunda first to purchase lands and settle permanently Early Years p 9
1817 Russell Messenger settles at Messenger Hollow later becomes Oakland News p 8
1818 Sanford Hunt settles at Hunts Hollow son Washington Hunt would become NY governor News p 8
1819 21 May Baptists hold organizational meeting held by Elder Samuel Messenger from Phelps, settled at Oakland Early Years p 48
1821 Stage coach route through Nunda was established date approximate - carried passengers and mail Early Years p 26
1821 State Road completed through Nunda present day 408 - Nunda has no Main Street, is called State Street News p 2
1823 Henry C Jones lays out village streets Jones was an early cabinetmaker Early Years p 19
1823 Micah Brooks buys land in Brooksgrove News p 8
1827 First Frame School House built built on Mill Street across from present school Early Years p 20
1828 Grist mill built on Mill Street by Lindsay Joslyn and Samuel Swain Early years p 31
1831 Post Office moved to present day village Originally at Wilcox (Guys) Corners Early Years p 15
1831 Buildings on Square begin to be built East side first to be constructed News p 4
1832 Eagle Hotel Built On Site of Livingston Block, later moved down East Street Early Years p 36
1833 First Presbyterian Church built Society organized two years earlier, church cost $2,200 Early Years p 49
1836 Cooperville Mill built by Ethan Gilbert Early Years p 31
1836 Nunda House Built Site of present day bank Early Years p 36
1836 11 May Great Canal Celebration held in Nunda Marked the beginning of the work on the Canal News p 6
1838 First Nunda academy established in old Presbyterian Session House, moved to Fair St Early Years p 21
1839 April Village of Nunda incorporated called Nunda Valley Early Years p 9
1839 June First Village election held Voting takes place in Eagle Hotel Benedict Bagley first president News p 5
1840 Nunda opens first bank Walter Whitcomb was bank official, Swains and Carroll owned stock Early Years p 37
1840 Genesee Valley Recorder Established first newspaper in Nunda, closes in 1842 News p 4
1843 Second Nunda Academy established Nunda Literary institute on corner of Mill and Church Str Early Years p 21
1846 Nunda annexed into Livingston County Edward Swain was Supervisor at the time Early Years p 10
1848 Cornerstone of Grace Episcopal Church laid Church on East street dedicated in 1853 razed around 1940 Early Years p 49
1848 Methodist Church dedicated Moved in 1847 across street - originally Presbyterian Church Early Years p 49
1851 20 June Navigation on Genesee Valley Canal Begins Canal already operating to North Early Years p 23
1852 Fire destroys Empire Block largest fire in Nunda history News p 4
1853 Erie Railroad complete from Buffalo to Hornellsville trains had reached Nunda Station in 1852 Early Years p 24
1853 Movement to start new County with Nunda as seat never materialized - would have included neighboring towns News p 1
1856 Nunda Station (Dalton) Post Office established News p 8
1858 Dalton Methodist Church built belfry added in 1891 Early Years p 43
1859 Nunda Literary Institute burns Not rebuilt until after the Civil War Early Years p 21
1859 October Nunda News established C.K. Saunders, editor News p 4
1861 April John J. Carter becomes first to enlist in Civil War News p 4
1861 September Thirty Six Nunda men sign up for Union Army formed Co A of 104th NY Regiment News p 8
1862 Civil War Camp organized at Portage Camp Williams trains 130th and 136th - present Parade Grounds News p 8
1865 Oakwood Cemetery incorporated first cemetery association organized Early Years p 17
1867 Third Nunda Academy built located in front of present Central School Early Years p 21
1867 Water Cure opened by Daniel Passage sulpher springs discovered at south end of Church Street Early Years p 26
1867 Nunda Vigilance Society formed formed to chase horse thieves -disbanded 1898 Early Years p 45
1868 Nunda Banking House opens Officers incl. Brown, Mills, and John F. Barber Early Years p 37
1868 June Nunda's first town baseball team organized Known as the Nunda Alerts News p 8
1870 Rochester, Nunda and Pennsylvania RR organized known as Swains branch Early Years p 24
1872 Universalist Church built on East Street Building sold in 1947, partially destroyed by fire in 1961 Early Years p 51
1872 Holy Angels Church built only Church to front on Church Street News p 7
1873 Livingston Block built NE corner of East and State built by Willard Wood Early Years p 31
1873 Parker House Hotel opens in Dalton built by Sanford Parker Early Years p 42
1874 September First train on Swains Branch reaches Nunda Early Years p 24
1875 First National Bank of Nunda started by Barber, Michael Dowling, Griffith, Gilbert and McMaster Early Years p 37
1876 3rd Nunda Academy converted to Union Free School included four other common school districts in Village area Early Years p 21
1876 Nunda Knife Works built building on Woodworth Lane, run by Fred E Woodworth and father Early Years p 29
1877 July Nunda sees 1st telephone line run by Merrick Whitcomb, at least two private lines follow Early Years p 29
1878 Genesee Valley Canal closed Early Years p 24
1879 Livingston Cornet Band organized started in Nunda by W.H. Willard News p 8
1882 Genesee Valley Canal Railroad built first passenger coach arrives in June Early Years p 25
1883 Grand Army of the Republic post chartered Craig W Wadsworth post Early Years p 45
1883 Barkertown Methodist Church built through efforts of Rev W.M. Campbell Early Years p 52
1883 Teacher Training Classes begin held in Academy Building on Mill Street News p 7
1887 Nunda Water System established purchased by vilalge in 1917 Early Years p 28
1890 Nunda divided into three election districts voting booths used for the first time Early Years p 10
1890 Band Pagoda was built in Square moved to Stone farm in 1911 Early Years p 33
1890 St. John Hotel opened by John Hughes On present site of Sugar Creek store Early Years p 27
1892 Nunda Electric Light Co started owned by Herber and Oscar Willard and S.F. Whitcomb Early Years p 29
1892 Nunda Cornet Band organized started and led by by Oscar Willard News p 8
1893 Dalton Union Free School District organized Early Years p 22
1893 19 October Streets lights turned on for first time great celebration with parades and fireworks was held Early Years p 29
1896 Depot moved from West Nunda to Nunda served the Pennsylvania RR Early Years p 26
1897 Business Men's Telephone Company incorporated served Nunda Early Years p 29
1897 Peak year for horseracing in Nunda races held at Nunda Driving Park on Creek Road News p 8
1898 Local Artist Rose Shave exhibits in NYC works accepted at Academy of Design News p 8
1898 Dozen Nunda men enlist to fight in Spanish Am War News p 8
1900 Dalton Banking House established Washington Moses, president; also Baker, Whitnack,Maker and Aylor Early Years p 40
1900 Village Building constructed Still used today Early Years p 13
1902 Women's Relief Corps started auxiliary of GAR post Early years p 45
1902 Sons of Veterans post organized Early Years p 45
1903 Foote Company begins operations Charles E and Chester T invent and produce road pavers Early Years p 26
1903 Livingston Rural Telephone Company started in Dalton Early Years p 29
1904 Nunda High School built old Academy building included as wing Early Years p 21
1904 First automobile appears in Nunda owned by Spencer Rhinevault Early Years p 26
1908 January C.J. Flint drives automobile to Tuscarora and back! Nunda marvels at remarkable event!-Front page in Nunda News News p 2
1908 August Centennial Celebration held News p 8
1909 Tuscarora Telephone Company opened three local and two long distance lines served Nunda in this year Early Years p 29
1912 6 April Bell Memorial Library deeded to the town given by Katherine Bell Lewis of Geneva Early Years p 15
1912 Moving Pictures shown in Academy of Music ten cents for four reels News p 8
1912 1 March Nunda pays off railroad bonds News p 6
1912 Portage-Nunda-Mt. Morris road paved Village streets would not be paved until late 1920's News p 2
1917 20 June First Nunda volunteers leave to go to WWI parade escorted them from Village - went to Rochester News p 8
1919 American Legion post organized Early Years p 45
1925 State Road Rebuilt News p 2
1926 Emporium Block on State Street Burned fire killed three children Early Years p 31
1928 Street Lights left on for the first time all night before lights burned 25 nights a month until midnight Early Years p 29
1928 Nunda Electric Light Company sold to RG and E Early Years p 29
1928 April Nunda Rotary Club founded Early Years p 45
1929 Iroquois Gas Company granted franchise natural gas supplied to village from Arcade lines
1937 Dalton Central School established included districts of Nunda, Portage, Genesee Falls, Granger,Grove Early Years p 22
1938 May Ceremonies held at Ridge Landing Field marked beginning of airmail service News p 7
1939 Nunda Central School District established included districts of Nunda, Portage, Mt. Morris, and W. Sparta Early Years p 22
1940 St. Johns Hotel torn down replaced with Texaco gas station Early YEars p 37
1941 Peter DePuy Bank becomes State Bank was a private bank from 1890's Early Years p 37
1947 June Nunda Community Hospital Incorporated located in DePuy house, now Nunda Comunity Home Early Years p 19
1947 Veterans of Foreign Wars post organized Early Years p 45
1947 Nunda Chamber of Commerce Organized News p 8
1957 Blaw-Knox Company moves factory to Illinois end of the Foote Company factory in Nunda Early Years p 58
1958 Train Wreck at Dlaton Great Tuna Fish Wreck Early Years p 41
1963 13 March Last freight car on Pennsylvania RR arrives load of lumber for Nunda Lumber Yard Early Years p 25
1967 Trinity Church formed Baptist and Presbyterian Churches federated to form Church Early Years p 59
1979 April Nunda Casket Company closed longest running business in Nunda history Early years p 59
1979 17 June Last service held in the Presbyterian Church Pipe organ was moved to Trinity Church
1981 Nunda Sewer System becomes fully operational Project began in the 1960's Early Years p 59


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