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Nunda's "New" High School


The movement to improve public education that swept the Nation at the dawn of the 20th century did not miss Nunda. By the winter of 1903 it was clear that the old Academy Building, could no longer meet the needs of a modern prospering community. The following summer Nunda residents voted to spend $10,000 to update the old building.

To build the new school, the old brick academy was converted into the west wing, with a matching east section and large central addition constructed. This resulting building was completed by January of 1905.

This "New" High School would be added to in 1924 and would serve the community until the new Central School was built in 1939

The post card shown above was published around 1905. The one below is postmarked 1910.


Sources: Bonadonna, Sandy, "Development of the Nunda School System"; Frost, Marjorie, "Early Years"


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