The History of

Sports in Nunda

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The History of Sports in Nunda

An Introduction

Sports has always been an important part of the Town of Nunda. Since pioneer times local residents have participated in a variety of athletic activities, cheered local teams and individual athletes, and put much time, effort, and money into the development of playing fields, tracks, and gymnasiums.

The Nunda Historical Society has created a special historical project to collect, preserve, and present Nunda's sport history. The project started with the Society's 2017 Historical Calendar "Sports in Nunda", followed by the opening of this section of the NHS website on December 17, 2016.

Over the coming years we will continue to collect material in preparation for the future publication of a book or books on the history of Sports in Nunda. We hope that former and current residents will help with the project by contributing stories, photographs, artifacts, and other memories to be included both on these pages and in our future publication. For details on how you can contribute, click here.

You will find below a table of content for the sports project section. As we put up a page for the topic a hyperlink will appear. Please be patient and come back often as we continue to add to the site. If you feel something or someone has been left out, please contact us!

Banner Images: Left - the Keshequa Indian found on the Keshequa High School gymnasium wall. Right - Nunda girls basketball team circa 1932


Memorable Individuals
Sports Facilities
Memorable Teams & Leagues
Auto Racing
Horse Racing
Track & Field
Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
Cross Country


2017 "Sports in Nunda" Calendar Corrections and Additions
Project Bibliography: Nunda Historical Society Archives; The Nunda News 1859-1982; Early Years by Marjorie Frost;
Additional Links: Keshequa Central School Athletic Hall of Fame; Fulton History (Historical Newspapers)
Contributers: Russell Barber, Tom Byrnes, Dave Collier, Tom Cook, Aaron Davis, Gail Diemoz, Terry Lowell, Peter Piraino, Dana Russell, Marie Schoenacker, Joan Schumaker, Donald Thompson, John Thompson



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