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The goal of the Nunda Historical Society's project is to create a history of sports in Nunda. But successfully documenting the history of sports in any community is not easy. The local newspaper, school yearbooks, and materials in the Historical Society and Town Historian's Office are very helpful, but they do not provide a full picture of sports in Nunda. We need the help of former players, coaches, sponsors, spectators who participated in and contributed to our local sports over the years. We hope that you will help us.

Here are some ways you can take part in the Sports in Nunda project:

Record your favorite Nunda sports memories and experiences. These can be as a player, coach, or spectator. The questions below may help you:

• What would you like to see included on our website and in future publications that is not in our calendar or not yet on the website?

• Who were some of the outstanding players and coaches that you remember? What made them so special? Can you share some specific stories about them?

• What sport’s teams to you remember most? What do you remember about them? If you participated in Nunda sports, who were your teammates, coaches, etc. What were some memorable games?

Remember - this covers the TOWN of Nunda, which includes Dalton, the village of the Nunda, and the surrounding countryside! You can submit information in paper or digital form.

Please do not send original photographs unless you intend to donate them to the Historical Society. Digital copies of photographs work the best. We can make arrangements to scan photographs and documents.

Here is how you can submit information:

1. email to or

2. mail material to Nunda Historical Society, Box 341, Nunda N.Y

3. drop off material at the Nunda Historical Society. We are open Tuesday mornings 10am to 12 noon and by appointment. To make an appointment or if you have any questions you can call Tom Cook at 585-465-0971 or Joan Schumaker at 585-476-2354.



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