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This history is a work in process. We encourage readers to send suggestions, additions and corrections.

Please see our 2017 Calendar for a short history of Baseball in Nunda!


Readers are encouraged to contribute stories to this page. The stories can be of any length and talk about teams, seasons, outstanding individuals, coaches, or anything relating to this sport. You will be credited for the story and listed in the contributors' section found at the end of this page.


Please send in photographs related to this sport. Digital copies are fine, please contact the Historical Society to arrange for scanning. We also encourage donations of photographs. You will be listed in the contributors.


This photograph of a Nunda Town Baseball team is from the Nunda Historical Society's collection. It is labeled 1930s, but if you have a more specific year, please let us know. The names of the players are found below.



Baseball doesn't always need an organized team with uniforms and lots of equipment. Generations of local kids have enjoyed the game in a vacant lot or local ball field with just a ball, bat, and some gloves. In this early photograph from the 1920s, Al Conrad (batter) and John Weaver ( catcher) pose in someone's yard.



Share your memories related to the sport. These can be just sentences or paragraphs. Your initials will be listed with the memory and your name listed in the contributors.


Copies of clippings, artifacts, and other items related to this sport can be contributed and will appear in this section.


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