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No matter how hard you try, there are always some errors that are missed in every publication. Since we hope to republish the material as a series of books on Nunda Sports, we want to correct the misspellings, misidentification and other problems. They will also appear in the second printing of the calendar. We also hope to identify some of the missing people in our labels

Please find below the errors and additions that have been identified so far. We would appreciate your sending others to us!

Special thanks to Gail Diemoz and Jake Essler who have submitted several of these corrections.

  • Inside cover, label for cover photo: The correct spelling is Frank Ryll. Also "Benny" had been changed to Arnold Bodine.
  • Introduction: Although the baseball team is from the Nunda High School, we have changed the label to read "NCS" for Nunda Central School. The team should be 1946, and the assistant coach's first name is Bruce.
  • January : team label -Allett is usually spelled with the double t.
  • February: Missing players - front row is Charles Niles to far left, back row is Harry Bolton at far left and add Tom Franz to the person after Tink
  • June: Carl Foster is Karl Foster
  • October: Back row next to Coach MacVean may be Tom Fratz. Two "n"s in Glenn Beardsley . Change to NCS and
  • December: typo on Ada Denby's name
  • Nunda Football history: label for 1905 - should be Leslie DeGroff Sr., James Doyle and Frank Wagor should be reversed, Professor Maybee should have a second "e" at the end of his name.
  • Nunda Basketball history: Should be Kathy's Country Florist, in KCS 2008 girls team label Flint should be capitalized and there is an extra comma in the list; Date on the NHS Boys BB team is 1936-37 and the girls is 1929.
  • Nunda Softball history: Sonyea is misspelled, and the label should say 2013 KCS team. Also, though it appears the same way in the yearbook, should be Grace Mehlenbacher and team should be KCS.
  • Nunda Tennis history: The photograph of the team appeared in the 1954 yearbook, but is actually the 1953 team.
  • Nunda Soccer history: 1946 team label - should be Ray Denby, Lynn Weeks, and Jim Walden; in 1986 label should be Rhonda Pheffers and Alicia Mc Clements. The boys team is NCS.



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