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In March of 1808 the northernmost lands of Allegany became the township of Nunda. This new Town stretched from the present day towns of Nunda and Grove on the east to Eagle and Centerville on the west. It was probably the large size of the Town and the demands of pioneer life which delayed the first town meeting until April of 1809.

The meeting was held in the log home of Peter Granger who lived in what is now Pike. The Town Clark, Asahel Trowbridge, recorded the minutes in what was the first book in the town.

Note from inside cover of Record book, 1809.
Courtesy of the Town of Nunda

Found below is a record of part of that first meeting and images of the original record book. Please note that the original spelling and capitalization has been maintained. Additional minutes and images recording oaths and an election held for State Assembly and Senate will eventually be added to this page.

Special thanks to the Town of Nunda for letting us copy the Town's first record book and their continued efforts to preserve the history of the area.



 This image shows the actual notes taken at the Town's first meeting in 1809. The minutes have been transcribed below.

You may click on the image to see a larger version. Please be patient, it might take a while to load!

Courtesy of the Town of Nunda.

Town Meeting

"this is to sartify that the anneal Town Meeting was held at the Hous of Peter Grangers on April the 4-1809 for the Purpos of Choosin Town officers and other Purpuses ware chosen for the inSuing Yeare Viz

Eli Griffith Supervisor
Asahel Trowbridge Town Clark
John Griffith
Asahel Nucomb
David Hoyt
Jonathan Willard Constable and Collector
Roger Mills
Thomas Dole
Amos Conkey
Overseers of the poor
Zebadeah Ward
Christopher Olen
Commissioners of Schools
Josiah Hammer Constable
Pascal Willard Bail for the above Named Josiah Harmer
Isaac Granger
Joseph Bayless
Aron Fuller
Fence Viewers
Damage Prizers
Peter Granger
Caleb More
Pound Keepers

District for Path Masters

 Pasekel Willard 1 District
Robert Boggs 2nd....Do
Roger Mills 3rd....Do
Salmon Simonds 4th....Do
Jonathan  Couch 5th....Do
Eli Griffith 6th....Do
James Wood 7th....Do
Peter Granger 8th....Do
Ezra Willard 9th....Do
David Hoyt 10th....Do

No Hogs to run at Large

Town Bounty on Wolves $3-





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