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View of Athletic Fields of Nunda Central School 1940's?

 Black and white photograph in a private collection

This aerial view shows the west side of the Nunda Central School building and the athletic fields as they existed at that time. The street at the bottom of the image is State Street, with Church Street near the top. We are not sure of the exact date, but the 1950's addition to the high school has not been built.

The rectangular building in the middle foreground was the Piper and Paine Plant. According to Nundarama, the building was originally constructed as a silk mill by the Huguet Silk Co. in 1919. The building was purchased by Delos F Paine and Harold Piper in the early 1940's, and housed the Trac-Machinery Corporation and the Piper & Paine Machine Shop. It is now the "Peanut Butter Factory", operated by Once Again Nut Butter, Inc.

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