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Hunt Mail Carrier




This undated black and white photograph shows some happy Portage children posing with one of their favorite people - the mail man! The lettering on the buggy indicate that it belonged to the Hunt New York post office, R.F.D No 2.

The mail carrier was Jason Hewitt, son of Mr. and Mrs Sanford Hewitt of Hunts Hollow. Mr. Hewitt was born in 1862 and became a mail man on March 1, 1902. He carried the mail for twenty five years, using the horse and buggy shown above, a bicycle, and later, a Model T Ford. He was also active in photography, the Nunda Band, and the local Grange. He died on March 28, 1960.

The Historical Society thanks Mr. Jim Gelser for identifying and providing the information on Mr. Hewitt.


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