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Family Trees in the Nunda Historical Society's Collections

The Nunda Historical Society maintains several notebooks containing family trees that have been submitted to the Society. The families listed have a direct connection to the towns of Nunda and/or Portage. Information on these trees is available to family researchers who believe there may be a specific link to an individual on the tree.

To make a request, please send an email to or mail a request to our post office box that includes:

1. Your specific request for information. (ex: "I am looking for information on the children of John (1802-1868) and Jane Smith (1809- 1854) who lived in Nunda before the Civil War") We cannot fulfill broad requests. (example - " We might be related to the Bliss family, please send all you have on that family.")

2. NHS staff will review the request and the appropriate family tree. If a match is found, you will be contacted via email by Society with information about the tree. This will include the number of pages on the tree and any other significant information.

3. The Society requests a donation of $.25 a page for copying/scanning and the cost of postage.


Please note: Each surname below has a family tree. The names in parenthesis are additional names found on the same tree. Not all additional surnames are identified, only those that have a significant amount of information on the same tree.)

Alward; Austin; Baker; Barber; Blair; Bliss; Brown (Fritz, Garrison); Burnap (Marshall, Marsh, Coffin); Burroughs; Cain; Caine (Durkee); Chizlett; Clark; Clute; Covey; Crane; Crawford; Day; Dowling; Durkee (Caine); Farley; Foote; Haines (Baker); Hewitt; Jones (Smith, Robinson); Leet (Couture, Ostrum); Lindsay; Lippincott; Marsh (Burnap, Coffin, Magee, Graves); Marshall (Firkins, Crosier); Nelson; Orsburne; Ostrum (Leet); Randall; Reed (Sutherland); Richmond (Moline); Satterlee; Smith (Robinson, Jones); Swain;Thompson;Townsend; Van Nostrand; Wagor; Warren (Baker, Wilcox); Whipple; Willis; Wilner

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