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This voter registration list for the town of Nunda for  1917-1918 was provided by the Livingston County Historian's Office.  The women found on this list have the honor of being the first females to registered to vote in Nunda - a referendum extending suffrage (the right to vote) to women in New York State had been passed on November 6, 1917.

The list is divided into the three town voting district. The names are in the order they appear on the original list - generally alphabetical. A general location is given for each individual as well as the political party they were enrolled in. We thank NHS Volunteer Ann Crandall for preparing this list for the website. The spelling of surnames are as found on the list with corrections in parenthesis.

Name Address Party
Austin, Isaac B. Mass. St. Republican
Atherton, Elizabeth State St. Republican
Alvord, Jennie State St. Prohibition
Bergen, Robert K. Church St. Republican
Bergen, Mollie Church St. Republican
Brown, John C. Mass. St. Republican
Burnell, Emogene Church St. Republican
Brusso, Marie C. Mass. St. Republican
Butler, Waldo Mill St. Republican
Barker, Newton S. Mill St. Republican
Barker, M. O. Mill St. Republican
Brady, Charles Vermont St. Republican
Brady, Anna Vermont St. Republican
Brinkerhoff, Amelia East St. Republican
Bailey, Wesley Rotchford Rd. Republican
Butler, Desire Mill St. Republican
Beach, Jessie East St. Republican
Bennett, Ernest L. Church St. Republican
Bailey, James Center St. Republican
Barrett, Thomas State St. Democrat
Bristol, Jennie State St. Democrat
Brown, Mary Mass. St. Democrat
Boyd, Frank Telegraph Rd. Prohibition
Criddle, Charles Church St. Republican
Crego, John Mill St. Republican
Coffin, Lorma East St. Republican
Chidsey, Charles Chidsey Road Republican
Craig, Albert Center St. Republican
Caryl, Alfred Walnut St. Republican
Crane, Elbert Mill St. Republican
Cooper, Ella D. Church St. Republican
Chidsey, George S. Chidsey Cor.Rd. Republican
Craig, Margaret Myers Rd. Republican
Criddle, Charlotte Vermont St. Republican
Cummings, Hattie State St. Republican
Close, David Telegraph Rd. Republican
Chidsey, Blanche Chidsey Cor.Rd. Republican
Conrad, Albert East St. Republican
Craig, Wm. East St. Republican
Colegrove, Edward A. Mass. St. Republican
Colegrove, Nathan Mass. St. Republican
Canfield, Arthur Scipio Rd. Republican
Carney, Blain Town Line Rd. Republican
Craig, Edward Myers Rd. Republican
Colegrove, Mary Mass. St. Republican
Conrad, Grace East St. Republican
Conklin, Ella Mass. St. Republican
Curry, James Mass. St. Republican
Chandler, James State St. Democrat
Corbett, George P. Church St. Democrat
Carrick, Celia East St. Democrat
Christopher, Nancy Mill St. Prohibition
Close, Minnie Telegraph Rd. Prohibition
Close, Charles Telegraph Rd. Prohibition
Coe, Alida East St. Prohibition
Carter, Geo. W. Fair St. Prohibition
Coe, Edward East St. Prohibition
DePuy, Perry Mass. St. Republican
Dake, Lena Mass. St. Republican
Duryea, Rosetta East St. Republican
Downs, Ella Mill St. Republican
Dake, Fred L. Mass. St. Republican
DePuy, Anna Mass. St. Republican
Downs, Clare Mill St. Republican
Duryea, Maynard East St. Republican
DePuy, Isaac J. Mass. St. Republican
Daggett, Theodora Church St. Republican
Dorey, Mary Church St. Republican
Duryea, Chester C. Mass. St. Republican
Dana, Leon P. State Rd. Republican
Downs, Eli L. Mill St. Republican
Dorey, George Church St. Republican
Derx, Justis Church St. Republican
Duryea, Harriett Mass. St. Republican
Derx, Sophia Church St. Republican
Duryea, Belle East St. Republican
Doyle, James Mill St. Democrat
Dailey, Walter L. Mill St. Democrat
Dana, Horatio S. State Rd. Democrat
Doyle, Frances Mill St. Democrat
Deiter, Eli Scipio Rd. Democrat
Davis, Aaron B. State St. Prohibition
Drinkwater, Maria Church St. Prohibition
Eldridge, Mirtello Creek Rd. Republican
Essler, Jacob East St. Republican
Foote, Harriett East St. Republican
Foote, Sadie State St. Republican
Foote, Frank East St. Republican
Foote, Charles E. State St. Republican
Framingham, Dwight Church St. Republican
Fulton, Ida East St. Republican
Framingham, Anna Church St. Democrat
Ford, John Bates Rd. Prohibition
Graves, George R. Mass. St. Republican
Graves, Joan Mass. St. Republican
Gormel, Mary J. Myers Rd. Republican
Gormel, Mertie B. Telegraph Rd. Republican
Gray, HarrietMill St. Republican
Granger, Cornelia Mass. St. Republican
Gillette, Lillian Fair St. Republican
Goodale, Charlotte Church St. Republican
Gardner, Anja V. East St. Republican
Gordon, Fred D. East St. Republican
Goodale, Harry Church St. Republican
Galton, Edw. Chidsey Cor.Rd. Republican
Gummier, Pearl Fair St. Republican
Goldthwait, Milo S. Walnut St. Republican
Gillette, Ralph Fair St. Republican
Galentine, Lee A. State St. Republican
Gummier, Charles Fair St. Republican
Goldthwait, William Telegraph Rd. Republican
Gillette, George Fair St. Republican
Galton, Ina Creek Road Republican
Galton, John Creek Road Republican
Gormel, Arthur W. Myers Rd. Republican
Goldthwait, Elizabeth J. Walnut St. Republican
Gelser, William State St. Republican
Gelser, Ella State St. Republican
Goldthwait, Harry Church St. Republican
Greene, Clara Mass. St. Democrat
Greene, Carl Mass. St. Democrat
Gillette, Frances Mass. St. Democrat
Gardner, George A. East St. Prohibition
Griffith, Emma Fair St. Prohibition
Gormel, Henry Telegraph Rd. Prohibition
Hark, Frederick Fair St. Republican
Hunter, Looloo Fair St. Republican
Haines, Leta M. Mill St. Republican
Hook, Emily M. Center St. Republican
Hook, Clarence A. Center St. Republican
Holleran, John Walnut St. Republican
Henry, Fred Telegraph Rd. Republican
Haines, Harriett Walnut St. Republican
Hunter, Ernest Fair St. Republican
Hall, William Creek Rd. Republican
Haines, Wm. Walnut St. Republican
Hinderland, Alice Church St. Republican
Henry, Effie Telegraph Rd. Republican
Hallauer, Clarence Church St. Republican
Harrington, William Paine Rd. Republican
Howe, Lewis R. Water St. Republican
Haines, Lawrence Mill St. Republican
Howe, Nina Water St. Republican
Hungerford, Delia Mass. St. Republican
Hallauer, Florence Church St. Republican
Hall, Nerva Creek Rd. Republican
Harrington, Miles Center St. Republican
Hand, Julia East St. Republican
Hughes, Richard H. Church St. Democrat
Higgins, Lester P. East St. Democrat
Higgins, Smith Fair St. Democrat
Higgins, Amy Fair St. Democrat
Holmes, Clarence Fair St. Democrat
Holmes, Katharine Fair St. Democrat
Hayre, Bert E. East St. Democrat
Holmes, Robert Mass. St. Democrat
Heiman, Edward Scipio Rd. Democrat
Heiman, Julia E. Scipio Rd. Democrat
Higgins, Mary F. East St. Democrat
Hayre, Arlene East St. Democrat
Hooker, Emma Mill St. Prohibition
Hungerford, Margaret McGinty Rd. Prohibition
Hungerford, Seba McGinty Rd. Prohibition
Jones, Benjaman State St. Republican
Jellerson, Harry East St. Republican
Jellerson, Mary E. East St. Republican
Johnson, Jessie Mill St. Republican
Johnson, Mable Mill St. Republican
Johnson, Chas. F. Mill St. Republican
Jones, Minnie V. State St. Republican
Johnston, James A. Center St. Republican
Johnson, Martha Mill St. Republican
Johnston, Arthur W. Mill St. Democrat
Kent, Alfred B. Church St. Republican
Kneeland, Mary H. East St. Republican
Kernahan, Nicholas V. Mill St. Republican
Keating, William Walnut St. Republican
Kernahan, Frank Mill St. Republican
Kent, William J. Fair St. Republican
Kernahan, Harriet J. Mill St. Republican
Kent, Nellie Church St. Republican
Kernahan, Katherine Mill St. Republican
Kellogg, Harry P. Fair St. Democrat
Kendall, Emma J. East St. Democrat
Lippincott, Robert Mill St. Republican
Lippincott, Flora Mill St. Republican
Lamb, Allie Mass. St. Republican
Lamb, Harry Mass. St. Republican
Lovell, Lotta L. Mass. St. Republican
Lovell, Joseph Mass. St. Republican
Lincoln, Elijah Mill St. Republican
Luscom, Emily Myers Rd. Republican
Long, Catharine Mill St. Democrat
Long, George Walnut St. Democrat
Moore, William Fair St. Republican
Moore, Aurelia Fair St. Republican
Matthews, S. E. Mill St. Republican
Millard, Edith State St. Republican
Millard, William State St. Republican
Moneghan, Daniel Mill St. Democrat
Miller, Lulu Mill St. Democrat
Miller, James Mill St. Democrat
Makeley, Clinton Chidsey Cr. Rd. Democrat
Marsh, Wesley Mass. St. Prohibition
Matthews, Lillian Mill St. Prohibition
Merwin, M. K. Church St. Prohibition
Marsh, Mary J. Mass. St. Prohibition
McKay, David East St. Republican
McKay, Samuel Chidsey Cr. Rd. Republican
McKay, Elizabeth Chidsey Cr. Rd. Republican
McCarthy, Clara Walnut St. Democrat
McCarthy, Frank Walnut St. Democrat
Niles, J. A. Fair St. Republican
Northway, Edward Church St. Prohibition
Northway, Grace Church St. Prohibition
Ostrander, Ella State St. Republican
Ostrander, Peter State St. Republican
Olp, Fred G. East St. Democrat
Pratt, Cora L. Church St. Republican
Phillips, William Fair St. Republican
Pitts, Homer G. Mass. St. Republican
Page, Mary O. Centre St. Republican
Page, George Centre St. Republican
Powell, LaVern Mill St. Republican
Parker, John Telegraph Rd. Republican
Paine, Sarah Vermont St. Republican
Parker, Abram Telegraph Rd. Republican
Pitts, Carrie A. Mass St. Republican
Page, Luella D. Mill St. Democrat
Pratt, Charles Church St. Prohibition
Pratt, C. Harold Church St. Prohibition
Paine, W. L. Vermont St. Prohibition
Rathbun, Adrian Mill St. Republican
Robinson, Frank E. Center St. Republican
Ray, Charles Walnut St. Republican
Roberts, Peter State St. Republican
Robinson, Hattie Center St. Republican
Reed, Fred B. Mill St. Republican
Ryll, S. B. Church St. Republican
Robinson, D. S. Mass. St. Republican
Robinson, Gertrude Mass. St. Republican
Robinson, Elizabeth Mass. St. Republican
Reed, Bula S. Mill St. Republican
Rowell, Mary Church St. Republican
Robinson, Emily Mass. St. Republican
Redmond, Blanche State St. Republican
Ryll, Ethelyn Church St. Republican
Robinson, Charity Mass. St. Republican
Redmond, Fred State St. Republican
Rowley, Charles Myers Rd. Democrat
Rochford, Mary Bailey Rd. Democrat
Rauber, William Walnut St. Democrat
Rochford, James Rochford Rd. Democrat
Raub, Raymond Mill St. Prohibition
Raub, Alice R. Mill St. Prohibition
Sanders, Walter B. Mass. St. Republican
Sanders, Chauncey Mass. St. Republican
Shave, Rose East St. Republican
Sponable, Herman Mill St. Republican
Somers, Mildred Mass. St. Republican
Saxton, Chas. C. Church St. Republican
Spohn, William Church St. Republican
Spohn, Wells Paine Rd. Republican
Saxton, Mary B. Church St. Republican
Scott, Vina Mass. St. Republican
Scranton, Adelaide Mass. St. Republican
Stevens, Mary F. Mill St. Republican
Smith, Reuben State St. Republican
Sanders, Georgia Mass. St. Republican
Schumaker, Albert Church St. Republican
Somers, Mary Mass. St. Republican
Spohn, Elsie Church St. Republican
Smith, Maude Church St. Republican
Stamp, J. Alfred Chidsey Cr. Rd. Republican
Stamp, Julia A. Chidsey Cr. Rd. Republican
Smith, Maria C. East St. Republican
Smith, Emma State St. Republican
Smith, Floyd Chidsey Cr. Rd. Republican
Sanford, Guy Mill St. Democrat
Schumacker, Jessie Church St. Democrat
Spencer, Wm. E. Mill St. Prohibition
Templeton, William State St. Republican
Tallmage, Jennie Mass. St. Republican
Truesdell, Inez State St. Republican
Tracy, Michael J. Scipio Rd. Democrat
Tunison, Richard Nunda-Byersville Rd. Democrat
Twist, Belle G. Fair St. Prohibition
Twist, Clarence Fair St. Prohibition
Viley (Veley), Theron Myers Rd. Republican
Van Gelder, Elmer Church St. Republican
Viley (Veley), Bert Mill St. Republican
Viley (Veley), Jacob Mill St. Republican
Viley (Veley) Eva Myers Rd. Republican
Viley (Veley), Flora Mill St. Republican
Van Etten, Minnie East St. Republican
Van Dusen, Milton Church St. Democrat
Van Dusen, Rose Church St. Democrat
Warren, Harry State St. Republican
Willard, Alice M. Church St. Republican
Wright, Elizabeth Church St. Republican
Wilcox, Margery East St. Republican
Wampole, Ward Mill St. Republican
Wood, LeRoy Vermont St. Republican
Wood, Ella C. Vermont St. Republican
Wright, Charles Church St. Republican
Wallace, Bayard Mill St. Republican
Woodworth, Minnie Mill St. Republican
Woodworth, Cora Mill St. Republican
Wagor, Frank B. Mass. St. Republican
Walsworth, Gail Water St. Republican
White, C. E. East St. Republican
Wright, F. R. Mill St. Republican
Woolworth, Geo. Mill St. Republican
Wilner, Nellie East St. Republican
Wilcox, Catherine East St. Republican
Walsworth, Daniel Water St. Republican
Wallace, Darwin Mill St. Republican
Werner, Fred Church St. Republican
Werner, George Church St. Republican
Wagor, Walter M. East St. Republican
Wilcox, James Mill St. Republican
Wallace, Thomas R. McGinty Rd. Republican
Warren, Martha State St. Republican
White, Jackson Mill St. Republican
Walsworth, Henrietta Water St. Republican
Wagor, Cora East St. Republican
Woolworth, William Mass. St. Republican
Walker, Mary Church St. Democrat
Wagor, Robert East St. Democrat
Wallace, Jennie Kernahan Rd. Democrat
Wagor, Margueritte East St. Democrat
Wilcox, Hattie Mill St. Prohibition
Whitlock, Elmer East St. Prohibition
Whitlock, Grace East St. Prohibition
Werner, Belle Church St. Prohibition
Yencer, Annis East St. Republican
Yencer, Charles A. East St. Republican
Youmans, Anna Mill St. Republican
District Number Two
Augustus, Edgar Nunda Republican
Aylor, Agnes E. Nunda Republican
Aylor, Mervin J. Nunda Republican
Allen, Earl A. Dalton Republican
Allen, Mary M. Dalton Republican
Ames, Henry B. Dalton Republican
Allen, Bert W. Dalton Republican
Augustus, Cora Nunda Republican
Augustus, Alfred A. Nunda Republican
Allen, Alfred Dalton Republican
Allen, Anna B. Dalton Republican
Baker, Ray A. Dalton Republican
Balcom, Lena Dalton Republican
Botsford, Emma Dalton Republican
Buchinger, Jacob Dalton Republican
Baldwin, Volney Dalton Republican
Baldwin, Floyd Dalton Republican
Baylor, Walter Nunda Republican
Buchinger, Daniel Dalton Republican
Barker, Ray Nunda Republican
Barker, Ernest D. Nunda Republican
Buchinger, Celestia M. Dalton Republican
Barker, Alida Nunda Republican
Beardsley, Charles Dalton Republican
Beardsley, Emma Dalton Republican
Baker, Blanch E. Dalton Republican
Barker, Blanch Nunda Republican
Burt, Blanch L. Dalton Republican
Batterson, Bertha Dalton Republican
Batterson, Matilda Dalton Republican
Baldwin, Pauline H. Dalton Republican
Bentley, Merton Dalton Republican
Bentley, Isabelle G. Dalton Republican
Baker, Plin. W. Dalton Democrat
Burt, William D. Dalton Democrat
Barker, Herbert S. Nunda Prohibition
Collister, Melrose Dalton Republican
Cromwell, John M. Nunda Republican
Cromwell, William Nunda Republican
Colton, Grace E. Nunda Republican
Colton, Harry J. Nunda Republican
Colton, Nellie Nunda Republican
Cromwell, George O. Nunda Republican
Colton, Walter Dalton Republican
Cox, John Nunda Republican
Closser, Solmon W. Dalton Republican
Colton, Harriet B. Dalton Republican
Colton, Rosina Dalton Republican
Colton, John M. Nunda Prohibition
Douglass, William C. Dalton Republican
Dorey, David Dalton Republican
Durkee, Grace Nunda Republican
Durkee, John E. Nunda Republican
Dorey, Bertha Nunda Republican
Douglass, E. J. Dalton Democrat
Eisaman, William Dalton Republican
Eisaman, Alfred T. Dalton Republican
Ess, Floyd S. Dalton Republican
Ess, Florence S. Dalton Republican
Eisaman, Mary Dalton Republican
Eisaman, Maude Dalton Republican
Eldridge, Elizabeth Dalton Republican
Elbert, Arthur Nunda Democrat
Elbert, Leona Nunda Prohibition
Fay, Charles W. Dalton Republican
Fox, E. J. Dalton Republican
Gilbert, Wilson Dalton Republican
Getman, Albert D. Dalton Republican
Gelser, Charles L. Dalton Republican
Gelser, Albert G. Dalton Republican
Gelser, Fred D. Dalton Republican
Gibson, Elmer Nunda Republican
Gelser, Charles S. Dalton Republican
Gelser, Mary Dalton Republican
Gelser, Anna S. Dalton Republican
Gelser, Susan M. Dalton Republican
Gilbert, Edward J. Dalton Republican
Gahagan, Charles Dalton Republican
Gilbert, Edwin H. Dalton Republican
Grimes, Grant Nunda Republican
Grimes, Glen J. Nunda Republican
Grimes, Frank H. Nunda Republican
Grimes, Lydia J. Nunda Republican
Gelser, Ruth M. Dalton Republican
Gilbert, Rell J. Nunda Republican
Gilbert, Lottie N. Dalton Republican
Guernsey, Harriet S. Dalton Republican
Gibson, Eva Nunda Republican
Gibson, Hattie Dalton Republican
Gelser, Harry Dalton Democrat
Gahagan, Mary A. Dalton Prohibition
Henry, Daniel Dalton Republican
Hark, Charles E. Nunda Republican
Hann, Lewis Dalton Republican
Hampton, Thomas Dalton Republican
Hampton, Mary E. Dalton Republican
Henry, Eliza Dalton Republican
Holmes, William Dalton Republican
Holden, Thomas E. Dalton Republican
Holden, Lena E. Dalton Republican
Holmes, Elizabeth Dalton Republican
Hamilton, Margaret Dalton Republican
Hark, Charlotte A. Nunda Republican
Hall, Harvey J. Dalton Democrat
Hill, Sylvia Dalton Democrat
Hill, Guy Dalton Democrat
Hamilton, Sarah Dalton Democrat
Jackson, Pascal Dalton Republican
Jakezak, Peter F. Nunda Republican
Jackson, Bertha Dalton Republican
Jackson, Florence Dalton Republican
Junker, John Dalton Democrat
Junker, Florence Dalton Democrat
Kelley, Orren J. Dalton Republican
Kelley, Walter Dalton Republican
Kelley, Mary E. Dalton Republican
Kelley, Minnie S. Dalton Republican
Kelley, Mildred G. A. Dalton Republican
Kelley, Florres Dalton Republican
Kelley, Celia Dalton Democrat
Lynde, Charles S. Dalton Republican
Lowell, Clifford Dalton Republican
LaRouette, Carolyn Dalton Republican
Lynde, Blanche Dalton Republican
Loveless, Thomas J. Nunda Republican
Lord, Hiram W. Nunda Republican
Lawler, Mike Nunda Republican
Lynde, Jennie Dalton Republican
Lyon, Nellie B. Dalton Republican
Lowell, Sarah Dalton Republican
Lynde, Emma Dalton Republican
Lowell, Hildred Dalton Republican
Moses, Walter Dalton Republican
Muir, Robert E. Dalton Republican
Maker, Charles E. Dalton Republican
Moses, Mabel E. Dalton Republican
Moses, Grant E. Dalton Republican
Muir, Carrie A. Dalton Republican
Meyers, Edith J. Dalton Republican
Moses, Katherine M. Dalton Republican
Meyers, Louisa P. Dalton Republican
Moore, Walter S. Nunda Republican
Morrison, Thomas Dalton Republican
Morris, Elizabeth Dalton Republican
Merithew, Alida Dalton Prohibition
Merithew, Seneca S. Dalton Prohibition
McKeown, Alexander Nunda Republican
McKeown, Hugh Nunda Republican
McKeown, Harry Nunda Prohibition
Petteys, William E. Nunda Republican
Paine, William H. Nunda Republican
Paine, Julia E. Nunda Republican
Paine, William M. Nunda Republican
Powers, John Nunda Republican
Parker, Eugene Nunda Republican
Paine, Fred E. Nunda Republican
Paine, Earl W. Nunda Republican
Paine, Grace Nunda Republican
Petteys, Clella Nunda Republican
Parker, Elmyra Dalton Republican
Parker, Thomas J. Dalton Republican
Price, Lewis M. Dalton Republican
Petteys, Edgar S. Nunda Prohibition
Ryan, Floyd Dalton Republican
Ryan, John Dalton Republican
Ryan, Maude Dalton Republican
Russell, Orpha M. Dalton Democrat
Schobey, Arthur L. Dalton Republican
Shute, Lewis A. Dalton Republican
Scholes, Henry T. Dalton Republican
Smith, John W. Dalton Republican
Scholes, Allie L. Dalton Republican
Schoby, J. L. Dalton Republican
Smith, L. W. Dalton Republican
Swender, Henry Dalton Republican
Smith, Leon L. Dalton Republican
Smith, V. O. Dalton Republican
Steckle, Mayme L. Dalton Republican
Stanton, Mark Nunda Republican
Stanton, Henry A. Nunda Republican
Stanton, Mary F. Nunda Republican
Smith, Everett E. Nunda Republican
Smith, Hazel Nunda Republican
Seager, Bertha Dalton Republican
Seager, Carl W. Dalton Democrat
Smith, Clifford J. Dalton Democrat
Seager, Ruth Dalton Democrat
Seager, Irene J. Dalton Democrat
Seager, Ellis P. Dalton Democrat
Shute, Lester Nunda Prohibition
Steih, William Dalton Prohibition
Thompson, H. Allen Nunda Republican
Thompson, Leon L. Dalton Republican
Towne, B. F. Dalton Republican
Terbush, Thomas Dalton Republican
Thompson, Mayme Dalton Republican
Tyler, Vincent J. Nunda Republican
Town, Allen A. Dalton Republican
Town, Elizabeth Dalton Republican
Travis, William Dalton Democrat
Tuttle, George E. Nunda Prohibition
Van Nostrand, Charles Dalton Republican
Van Nostrand, William Dalton Republican
Wakeman, Emma Dalton Republican
Wakeman, M. Edward Dalton Republican
Walsworth, Charles Nunda Republican
Walsworth, John Nunda Republican
White, George L. Dalton Republican
Wakeman, Walter R. Dalton Republican
Way, William Dalton Republican
Wakeman, William N. Dalton Republican
Wheeler, Lena Dalton Republican
Witherell, Emily Dalton Republican
Wakeman, Edith M. Dalton Republican
Wilkins, Fred Swains Republican
Woodard, Glen Dalton Democrat
Woodard, George Dalton Democrat
Ward, Esther A. Dalton Democrat
Wombold, Florence Dalton Democrat
Wevoneyzak, Severn Nunda Democrat
Wombold, John A. Dalton Democrat
Yencer, Lloyd Dalton Republican
Yencer, Emery Dalton Republican
District Number Three
Allen, Clarence Nunda Republican
Baker, James H. Nunda Republican
Baker, Ivan W. Nunda Republican
Burge, Francis Nunda Republican
Bennett, George R. Nunda Republican
Buchinger, Frank W. Nunda Republican
Bates, Aaron E. Tuscarora Republican
Bennett, John M. Nunda Republican
Borgus, Edward Nunda Republican
Bennett, Flora A. Nunda Republican
Bennett, Horatio S. Nunda Republican
Bennett, Miller N. Nunda Republican
Bates, Melva Nunda Republican
Bates, Fannie E. Nunda Republican
Brokaw, R. Wirt Nunda Democrat
Barber, George F. Nunda Democrat
Barber, Ethelwyn W. Nunda Democrat
Brown, John P. Nunda Democrat
Brown, Nettie A. Nunda Democrat
Brink, Fred A. Nunda Democrat
Brown, George P. Nunda Democrat
Barber, Lynn E. Nunda Democrat
Baker, Emma Nunda Prohibition
Bennett, Georgia C. Nunda Prohibition
Creveling, C. Earl Nunda Republican
Cushing, E. Frank Nunda Republican
Carpenter, Carrie L. Nunda Republican
Cudebec, Cora S. Nunda Republican
Caine, Loretta B. Nunda Republican
Creveling, Laura E. Nunda Republican
Center, Frank F. Nunda Republican
Cedebec, Roy J. Nunda Republican
Chandler, Abbie A. Nunda Republican
Creed, John W. Nunda Republican
Cleveland, Lelia E. Nunda Republican
Craig, Donald G. Nunda Republican
Chambers, Charles Nunda Republican
Cohen, Hyman Nunda Republican
Carpenter, Frank Nunda Republican
Chandler, Susie Nunda Republican
Clinton, William J. Nunda Republican
Craig, Helen C. Nunda Republican
Chizlett, Joseph C. Nunda Democrat
Coyle, George S. Nunda Democrat
Carpenter, Sylvanus Nunda Democrat
Chizlett, Ida Nunda Prohibition
Center, Emma J. Nunda Prohibition
Dake, John A. Gibbs St. Republican
Dake, Abram M. Nunda Republican
Dake, Jennie M. Nunda Republican
Dake, John Walter Nunda Republican
DeGroff, Ellis H. Nunda Republican
DeGroff, Margaret Nunda Republican
DeGroff, Gertrude Nunda Republican
DeMocker, Margaret B. Nunda Republican
Dake, Sophie W. Nunda Republican
Downs, Charles Nunda Republican
Davidson, Frank Nunda Democrat
Ess, Emma L. Nunda Republican
Ess, Frank Nunda Republican
Edwards, Bert A. Nunda Democrat
Flint, S. Grant Nunda Republican
Foster, Gilbert H. Nunda Republican
Fox, Jefferson W. Nunda Republican
Foster, Chauncey D. Nunda Republican
Frink, Mary Nunda Republican
Frink, Arthur W. Nunda Republican
Frink, Mabel Nunda Republican
Fox, Susie Nunda Republican
Fuller, Eva D. Nunda Democrat
Fitzgerald, Margaret Nunda Democrat
Fitzgerald, William C. Nunda Democrat
Fritz, Harriette B. Nunda Democrat
Fuller, Willis H. Nunda Democrat
Fuller, Julia D. Nunda Democrat
Fuller, Willis W. Nunda Democrat
Feary, Mary E. Nunda Prohibition
Foster, Effie M. Nunda Prohibition
Green, Sheldon Tuscarora Republican
Green, Madge E. Tuscarora Republican
Gamble, Lizzetta Nunda Republican
Galton, Thomas Nunda Republican
Gormel, James Nunda Republican
Gamble, M. Agnes Nunda Republican
Galton, Albert J. Nunda Republican
Gath, Ethel E. Nunda Republican
Gordon, Harry J. Nunda Republican
Green, Husted Nunda Republican
Gross, John Nunda Republican
Gross, Florence Nunda Republican
Gould, Mary E. Nunda Republican
Gould, Amelia E. Nunda Republican
Gordon, Mary L. Nunda Republican
Gormel, Carrie E. Nunda Prohibition
Halsted, Platt C. Nunda Republican
Herrington, George H. Nunda Republican
Halsted, May C. Nunda Republican
Hawley, Edward C. Nunda Republican
Henry, William Nunda Republican
Harris, Edwin Nunda Republican
Havens, William H. Nunda Republican
Haines, W. Kenneth Nunda Republican
Haines, Eva R. Nunda Republican
Hawley, Carrie G. Nunda Republican
Hark, Margaret E. Nunda Democrat
Hulin, Eva Nunda Prohibition
Hulin, Minard L. Nunda Prohibition
Jayne, DeForest Nunda Republican
Jayne, Floy M. Nunda Republican
Johnston, Charles Nunda Republican
Jackson, James L. Nunda Republican
Jones, Harley T. Nunda Republican
Johnston, Lizzie Nunda Republican
Jones, James W. Nunda Republican
Johnston, Conrad Nunda Democrat
Jackson, George B. Nunda Democrat
Jordan, Harry N. Nunda Democrat
Jackson, Lorena Nunda Democrat
Keoppe, Jennie L. Nunda Republican
Kendall, George W. Nunda Republican
Kernahan, William Nunda Republican
Kernahan, Earl B. Nunda Republican
Keoppe, Henry Nunda Democrat
Letson, Amanda Nunda Republican
Letson, George Nunda Republican
LeClair, Fred W. Nunda Republican
LaRue, Jessie Nunda Republican
LeClair, Blanch L. Nunda Prohibition
Marsh, Milton B. Nunda Republican
Miller, E. Mae Nunda Republican
Miller, Myers W. Nunda Republican
Myers, Harriet B. Nunda Republican
Maloney, John F. Nunda Democrat
Myers, Peter Nunda Democrat
Mathewson, Claude A. Nunda Democrat
Moyer, William H. Nunda Democrat
McTarnaghan, Samuel G. Nunda Republican
McTarnaghan, Jessie H. Nunda Republican
Nesenson, John G. Nunda Republican
Nesenson, Hettie Nunda Republican
Osgoodby, Melvin H. Nunda Republican
O Connell, John Nunda Republican
Price, John H. Nunda Democrat
Peck, Mary M. Nunda Democrat
Peck, Fletcher C. Nunda Democrat
Powell, Margarette Nunda Prohibition
Paine, Minnie Nunda Prohibition
Powell, T. Jefferson Nunda Prohibition
Roberts, William J. Nunda Republican
Rockafellow, Charles E. Nunda Republican
Rice, Margaret J. Nunda Republican
Rathbun, Georgia Nunda Republican
Rathbun, Charles Nunda Republican
Robinson, Gertrude Nunda Republican
Robinson, Rollia W. Nunda Republican
Roberts, Walter A. Nunda Democrat
Roberts, Arthur C. Nunda Democrat
Randall, Ray S. Nunda Democrat
Stockman, Andrew W. Nunda Republican
Shear, George W. Nunda Republican
Stevens, Manley Nunda Republican
Shattuck, Pliny Nunda Republican
Shaughnessy, Michael Nunda Democrat
Stilson, Frank L. Nunda Prohibition
Swift, Belle Nunda Prohibition
Stone, Sophronia Nunda Prohibition
Toms, Allen Nunda Republican
Turbeville, Catherine Nunda Republican
Turbeville, Florence Nunda Republican
Toms, Harvey Nunda Republican
Terry, Alberta Nunda Democrat
Van Deventer, William N. Nunda Republican
Van Deventer, James E. Nunda Republican
Van Deventer, Ella E. Nunda Republican
Van Gilder, Charles Nunda Democrat
Whitenack, Seward Nunda Republican
Weeks, Ophelia Nunda Republican
Wampole, Jerry Nunda Republican
Winters, Adolph Nunda Republican
Wescott, Sarah Nunda Republican
Wescott, George W. Nunda Republican
Walker, John C. Nunda Republican
Willard, Leon O. Nunda Republican
Walker, Leon E. Nunda Republican
Weaver, Lee A. Nunda Republican
Wirt, James T. Nunda Republican
Walker, Fanny M. Nunda Republican
Walker, Frank A. Nunda Republican
Williams, John Nunda Republican
Weaver, Charlotte Nunda Democrat
Weeks, Charles Nunda Democrat
Wright, Joseph T. Nunda Democrat
Walker, John J. Nunda Democrat
Wescott, Moses C. Nunda Socialist
Wilcox, Hattie Nunda Prohibition
Wilcox, Eva M. Nunda Prohibition
Whitenack, Anna L. Nunda Prohibition
Wilcox, H. Lester Nunda Prohibition
Whitenack, Charles Nunda Prohibition
Whitenack, Jay C. Nunda Prohibition
Walker, Kitalena Nunda Prohibition

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