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Foote Manufacturing Company



One of the major industries in Nunda's history was the Foote Manufacturing Company. Shown here are two postcards which show the development of the factory complex which housed the company for many years.

The postcard to the left is postmarked October 20, 1910. It consists of two images, the top one being the earliest. It shows a dwelling to the right of the early plant building.

The second image appears to be taken later, and shows some expansion of the manufacturing facility along State Street.

Eventually the "Foote Factory" shown below would be built.


This postcard was postmarked August 1929. By this time the factory complex was complete and building concrete mixers and road paving machines that would be used across the Nation.

Much of this building still stands today.

For more information on the Foote Company, please see our general history page or visit the Historical Society's Museum!


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