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Cost of a Common School, 1870

How much did it cost to run a one room school house?

In 1870 Trustee A.C. Colby, Trustee of Common School District No 2 in Nunda reported the receipts and disbursments for their one room school house. The figures shown below are taken from that report delivered October 11th 1870 and found in their Record Book.

The report does not indicate the number of students served by the school. It should also be noted that a few years later the Union School District was formed, partly due to the poor state of the local schools.


Record book "Property of School District No 2nd, Nunda" Bell Memorial Library


"Receipts as Follows"

 Cash on Hand

 Cash from Supervisor

 Cash Collected by Direct Tax

 Cash From Public Money

 Cash from forin schollars (sic)


"Disbursments Paid Out as Follows"

Paid for Wood

Paid Mr. Scott Teaching 19 weeks

 Paid Miss Emma Benson Teaching 16 weeks

Paid for Insurance on School House

 Paid For Incidental Expenses

  Paid for Library

  Paid Cash on Hand

  Paid Cash on Hand

  Report Accepted





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