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Portraits of Nunda's Past

Portraits of Nunda Past are the many faces that were once seen daily in our community, but are now gone. So they don't fade from our collective memory, we offer these pages for photographs of former residents of our area. We encourage visitors to send copies of other individuals that they may have.

Click here for our guidelines and suggestions for submitting images.

Also see our "Nunda Notables"

Select the image you would like to view from the list below. A link will on the Portrait Page will return you to this list!


DePuy, Isaac & Family

Douglas, Kate

Douglas, Lyle

FitzGerald, Edward Burke

Gormel, Bessie

Havens, Clayton

Hewitt, Edna

Hewitt, Rena

John H Hughes

Isaman, Arthur

Isaman, Laura

Jackson, Kate (Mrs. Lyle Douglas)

Scoville, Eva

Simpson, Ethel

Stedding, Gertrude

Townes, Fred and wife

VanDevener, Anna


You can submit an image of any former resident to be included in our Portraits from Nunda's Past.

Please remember...

  1. They must be deceased.
  2. They must have lived at some time in the Nunda Area (can include Portage and other surrounding towns)
  3. Please include and important information regarding them or the photograph. For an example, click here.
  4. Be sure to indicate who we should credit for the photograph.
  5. Send the image as a jpg image, at 72 dpi. (If you are not sure, just email it - I can make the necessary adjustments!)
  6. We reserve the right to edit the material!
  7. Send it to the email below or mail it to Tom Cook. PO Box 177, Nunda NY 14517
  8. Thank You!


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