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"A Map of the Village of Nunda Valley"

by H.C. Jones 1830



 Recently Nunda Historical Society Joan Schumaker discovered the earliest known map of the Village of Nunda in the Livingston County Clerk's Office. The map is reproduced below.

Past histories have said that Henry Jones laid out the first map of the new community in 1824, six years before this map's date. Whether this is a later copy of the original map or the earlier date was in error is not known, nor does it really matter. What we have here is a wonderful glimpse of the village in its infancy.

As you can see, State Street, West Street, Mill Street, East Street, and Portage Street that we still have today had their beginnings before 1830 "Jones Street" is now First Street, and "North Street" is Fourth Street. (Second Street was not built yet, and Third Street, running from Massachusetts to West Street appears on the 1850s map, but is now gone.)

The Square is also visible on the map, although the main buildings - Farmer's Exchange, Merchant's Row, and the Nunda House would not be built until around 1836.

Also note the name "Nunda Valley". An 1829 map shows "Nunda" at what is now Wilcox or Guys Corners south of the present day village.The settlement at the junction of the State Road and the Keshequa Trail (East Street) was first known as Hubbell's Corners, then Nunda Valley. When the village was incorporated in 1839 however, the "Valley" was dropped.




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