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Lessons in Nunda History

Holidays Now and Then
(submitted by Tom Cook, Social Studies Teacher at Keshequa Central School)

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Holidays are an important part of our life. We can also use them to help us think about the past. In this activity you will be examing two photographs of local families celebrating a holiday in the late 1800s in nearby Tuscarora NY. As you study them you will be asked some questions that will help you compare and contrast life in the Nunda area over the one hundred years.

Click here for a printable worksheet !

Photograph 1 - Thanksgiving at Aunt Nell's 1899

Photograph 2 - Christmas at Aunt Nell's 1899


We thank the Carter Rich family for sharing these photographs with us!


You can answer the questions on paper and show them to your teacher. Or you can email them to Mr. Cook and he will discuss them with you! You can also mail your worksheet to the Nunda Historical Society - you can find the address in the mailroom!



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