Honoring our Heroes

from Keshequa Central School


Our School Assembly

April 8th 2003


 On Tuesday, April 8th, the student body of the Keshequa Middle and High School assembled in the Nunda Auditorium. As war raged in Iraq, the school gathered to honor the young men and women from Keshequa who are bravely serving in our Nation's Military.

You will find below a pictorial summary of our Assembly.



 Our assembly began, as all our school activities do, with the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge was led by the Presidents of the High School and Middle School Student Councils.







 Our High School Principal, Mr. Mattle began by reminding us of the hard task that our soldiers and sailors face. He told us how our former students and friends face long hours and hard work in a hostile environment, as well as the dangers of combat.

Mr. Collichio and Mr. Rochelle are to Mr. Mattle's right.



 Mr. Rochelle, our Superintendent of Schools was the next speaker. He spoke how proud he and the District is of all our service men and women.

He also talked about the spirit of family and community that is found at Keshequa.

The families of our Troops were represented by two Mothers who are part of the KCS staff. Mrs Shultz, our Home and Careers teacher, had talked to her son Tom the night before the assembly. He was being shipped out to the Gulf the day of the Assembly. She reminded us of the impact that war has on the soldier's families, and how important school and community support has been to her and her family.  Mrs Weaver, our Middle School Secretary, also has a son who has been deployed. Mrs. Weaver talked about her father, who was killed in the Korean War shortly just days before she was born, and how emotional it is to see her son Ken go to war. She also talked about the difficulties faced by families who have few details of where their sons and daughters are and what is happening to them. She also thanked everyone for their support.

 It was now time to honor each of our former students.

Members of the Nunda Area Veteran's Team took the stage. As Mr. Rochelle read the names of our service men and women, the team placed an individual flag on the table. Each flag is labeled with the name of a soldier or sailor from Nunda.

As each name was called, the family of that individual stood up to be recognized.

After the Assembly, the flags were carried by the family to display cases in our School Library Media Center. They will be given to our Heroes when they return home.

The audience gave a loud round of applause for all the families and their sons and daughters in the Military.






Mrs. Sanford led the High School Chorus in a special song. It was written for soldiers in the first Gulf War.

Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Therrien-Borgus accompanied the chorus.

 Assembly organizers Mrs Clancy and Mr. Cook explained the special display cases set up in the school. Parents who would like to add names to our list can contact Mrs Clancy - a flag will be added to our case. Mrs Clancy's son, Corey is a Marine.  Mrs. Clark, who has two sons in the Military told the audiance about other community activities that are being organized to help support the troops and their family.

  After the assembly, we returned to our daily routine, filled with pride for our Keshequa soldiers and sailors, and determined to keep their spirit of service and committment with us in all we do.

To our Heroes - We are thinking of you and look forward to you coming home to Nunda and Keshequa. Be safe and hurry home!



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The assembly was taped by our Middle School KWW television crew and a copy can be borrowed by family and community members. Please contact the District Office for additional information.

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