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Tuscarora Photo Album

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 People are the heart of every community. What better way to celebrate the history of Tuscarora than posting photographs of some of the individuals who have called it home!   

The images below and their labels were submitted by Douglas Morgan. If you have any questions, comments or additions to the album, please contact Doug Morgan at the contact information below. Each photograph has been numbered, please use that number when contacting Doug.

Douglas Morgan Tel 585 624 5902

#1 Dick Edick, Jane Sauerbier, David Dodd 1952


#2 Ed & Chris Bolds, undated

#3 Evonna Watts "Notice Hill", undated

#4 Doris Liteer, undated

#5 Carolyn Morgan and Petie (unknown last name), undated

#6 David Dodd, Richard Edick, Karen Critzburg, undated

#7 Crevelings at School Picnic 1939

#8 Back of School, bottom of Creveling Hill. Millie Thompson, Lenny Thompson, Maynard Thompson, Jeanne Thompson and Agnes George, undated.

#9 Alling Watts, undated

#10 Unidentified children, 1936

#11 Unidentified man, 1923

#12 Unknown Female, undated

#13 Sarah Pagano & Unidentified Female, undated

#14 Tuscarora School House Hill: Mary Morgan; Lou Edick; Les Morgan Jr.; Evonna Watts; Billy Watts; Pete Pagano; Male Blackie, 1943

#15 Miss Roffe & Mother 1939

#16 Sarah Pagano and Friend, Mt. Morris, undated

#17 Josephine, Sarah Pagano & Shelia Mohegan (?) at Corner, undated

#18 Clifford George, undated

#19 Mickey Goodell, undated

#20 Ernestine & Leslie Morgan, Owners of Tuscarora's Morgan's Associated Store, circa 1956

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