A Keshequa Middle School Social Studies Activity
Keshequa Central School, Nunda NY

Our Project Team is collecting information on individuals who have served in the United States Armed Forces at anytime in the past. We are interested in all veterans, especially those who live or have lived in the general Nunda area. The information will be entered into our project data base. Veterans who live or have lived in the Nunda area will also be included in our electronic database. This database will be available to area students, researchers, and genealogists through a cd-rom and the internet.

You will find below the specific directions to be used when filling out the Survey Form.


Directions for Veteran Survey Form


*1.Veterans Name

Please enter the full name of the veteran. For women, please include both the maiden and married name.

2. Birth Information

A year or a complete birth date and place of birth would be helpful to future genealogists.

3. Death Information (if applicable)

Again, this information would be helpful to those doing family research. If the person died in the military, it can be entered here or in #5.

*4. Residence

We do not need the specific address of the Veteran. What ever would be considered the "hometown" of the individual can be used. Please remember that the veteran has to live or have lived in the general Nunda area (roughly within ten miles of the school) to be entered in the electronic database. Be sure to include any residency in the Nunda Area at any time in their life. All Veterans are eligible for the general database.

*5. Military Experience

This would include
a. Branch of service
b. Dates of service
c. General description of experience and any other military related information you would like to share


6. Additional Information

We know that veterans have contributed much to our communities both in and out of the military. We are interested in any information about the civilian life of the veteran you would like to share such as occupations, organizations, family, and any other contributions.

7. Records or Materials

After the initial survey, we will be looking for primary materials (i.e. photographs, letters, interviews) that will add our understanding of the military experiences. These may be used by researchers

*8. Person filling out the form

This is important, especially if the person is a family member. The actual name will be included in the general database, but in the electronic database we will indicate either veteran, family member, or other as the source of information.

9. Permission to include the information in the electronic database.

We will not publish any information in our electronic databases without permission. If the veteran is still living, we would like their permission. If the veteran is deceased or is not available to sign this form, a family member may sign it with the veteran's direct permission. In the case of a family member's signature for a living veteran, the Project Team will assume that such permission has been obtained.

If there is specific information that you DO NOT want to have included in the general or electronic database, please DO NOT include it on the survey form.

10. Contact

We would like a name, address, and phone number of a contact person for the information in case we have any questions or would like to follow up on the survey. This information WILL NOT BE INCLUDED on the electronic database but will only be used for our records.

You can send the completed form to Nunda Area Veteran's Project, Keshequa Central School, Nunda NY 14517 or email to